As some of you may have noticed, yes, I DID change my blog name. And not because I am an indecisive person (despite the truth to this statement), but rather because this name is more fitting for my plans for this blog and the posts that I have made thus far. You see, Rare Bear Ramblings was designed more for writing about my experience in living with rare disease/chronic illness. However, the more I started writing on this blog, the more that I have found that I do not want to limit myself to this topic. I am so much more than my illnesses, and while I still want to write about my illnesses and my experiences, I also do not want that to be the sole focus of my writing. I want to write about what sets my soul on fire and ignites my spirit. I want to write about the good, bad, beautiful and ugly. I want to write about my personal, spiritual, and emotional growth. I want to document my journey of navigating through this life with chronic conditions and emotional challenges, not just write about these conditions. I want to share parts of my life and practices with all of you. Including new experiences, old memories, and little stories that might just be able to inspire you. And the more I have been writing on this new blog, the more I am coming to find that THAT is the direction this blog is heading. I created it (originally) to be an outlet for me to vent about living with my diseases and conditions. But my posts did not and have not followed suit or reflected that. Instead, this blog has become a sort of life-style blog geared toward individuals with invisible illnesses. And I LOVE that. I also want to expand this blog even more and include recipes of new foods I am trying, beauty and skin care products, book/movie reviews (I just wrote a review on the book Everything, Everything - check it out!) and anything else that walks into my life that I feel compelled to share with you.

Bear Finding Balance...


Let's just pause a moment and reflect on that word.

I have never considered myself to be one who is very balanced. Growing up with severe anxiety, perfectionism, and black and white thinking has influenced me in such a way that kick started an eating disorder along with some intrapersonal challenges that I was left to face. My rigid ways and extreme thinking lead to an explosion, and I was left to pick up the pieces. I am still picking up some of those pieces. But let's just say that there are way fewer pieces on the ground than there were two years ago. And that, my friends, is because I am learning to find balance. I am learning to challenge my old ways of thinking and behaving, because I know that lead me down a path of destruction. Balance is key. Without having balance in your life, you cannot only NOT reach a place of stability, but you cannot truly be happy. You are one extreme or the other. You have too much focus on one thing and not enough focus on the other. You are black or white. There is no gray area. And THAT is what I have been working on bringing back into my life; the gray area that I seemed to have lost along the way. There can be, and there IS a middle ground. I do not want to live on either end of a teeter-totter. You know, the ones you see on the play ground? I want to ride the teeter totter. I want to experience life and feel all the feels. I do not want to be bound by my rule book. By my eating disorder. By the toxic thoughts that have plagued me all of these years. I want to continue to find balance. I need balance. And so do you. So, my blog content will not change too much. But I hope you will continue on this journey with me to live life to the fullest and find this balance that we all need in our lives. As always, I am looking forward to writing more, creating more, and sharing more.

And that's a wrap! <3


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