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What The Phrase "I'm So OCD" Means To Me.

"I'm so OCD"...those three words that make millions of individuals everywhere with actual OCD cringe. To some, this might be an understatement. I understand that when people make OCD kind of like an adjective, it can really shake those with OCD and rattle them to the core. This phrase can be viewed as poking fun at a debilitating mental illness in addition to being misinformed. While I do not completely disagree, I would say that I'm the individual in which the phrase "I'm so OCD" or something similar makes me cringe for just a moment. However, its effects do not linger with me, and I am able to brush it off and move on.
Let me be clear about one thing: yes, I do have obsessive compulsive disorder. My OCD has waxed and waned in intensity over the years, ranging from very severe, to mild, to severe again, and down slightly to moderately-severe. I have been on all ranges of the severity spectrum, and experienced different categories/forms of OCD and have …

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