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To Those Who Still Do Not Have All of the Answers

There is no bigger relief out there than a person with a chronic illness receiving a diagnosis.

Some may think this sounds..odd. Why would receiving a diagnosis be considered a good thing? How is receiving a diagnosis at all relieving? Isn't it terrible to know that you have a life-long, incurable disease?

Yes, and no at the same time.

Let me explain: years pass by of feeling sick with countless doctors appointments, blood work with negative results, and no answers. It gets exhausting. Trying and tying. Seeing this doctor and that doctor. Taking different medications or supplements. Getting test after test done. And still, despite all of these efforts and time spent towards you trying to figure out this puzzle, you feel as though you are not any closer to answers as you were when you started your quest.

So when a doctor comes along that finds this missing puzzle piece, it is a huge relief. It almost feels like a giant weight has been lifted. Because, yes, you have a life long dise…

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